Netherlands - IQS

IQS Tech Fest wants to give voice to the Moonshot Innovators. This year Netherlands joins the Moonshot Revolution and arrives at IQS Tech Fest as guest country to bring the most powerful industrial startups and the keys of their unique ecosystem.


Is a Dutch company that has been able to unite for the first time the most productive manufacturing process in plastics (extrusion) with the most versatile polymeric material (polyurethane) to provide large-scale sustainable plastics at a competitive price.


The Dutch startup has created E.A.R.S., a non-invasive sensor of integrated acoustic recognition, capable of foreseeing failures in the operation of industrial engines through artificial intelligence.


Is the creator of the world's first multilingual software capable of translating and subtitling live. It is a global communication assistant that translates in real time what is being said, shows the subtitles live in the selected languages and automatically records the audio and search transcriptions.

1st European
business start-uP

A rather small country geographically is gradually transforming into the new power in tech innovations. With its everyday top-notch scientific and technological advancements and highly qualified workforce, the Netherlands is steadily becoming the new Silicon Valley.

+ 3500 START-UPS
+ 2000 SCALE-UPS

Strong and differential assets: The Netherlands has cultivated an exceptional ecosystem for disruptive innovation and development in high-tech and science (AI, Agri-food, Fintech, Big data, Robotics, …), talented information technology workers, and aspiring entrepreneurship.


Netherlands has a unique proposition as a “testbed” and “launch pad” for startups and scale-ups. Dutch consumers are also very open to change and tech savvy. To give an extra boost, the government has initiated the StartupDelta initiative: a dedicated team with excellent connections in enterprise, government, research and all aspects of the startup community.